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BIZB9 is dedicated to quintessential Wellness Products. HuifeTwobros Pvt Ltd has formalized BIZB9 with an aspiration to increase the outreach of Ayurvedic products from a small village to Global households. HuifeTwobros Pvt Ltd is working with an approach to shape your phenomenal career in wellness industry under the most ardent project BIZB9. We extend our gratitude to the people who have marked their territory in the world of entrepreneurship through exports, and now roaring high to nurture entrepreneurship hidden in you!

HuifeTwobros has endeavoured a successful journey since 2016, with a passion to augment, expand distinctively not only in the Indian market but also in the International territories. With a wide spectrum of products and brands, BIZB9 provides round the clock wellness coverage to the people of all age groups and equipped them with the 100% Organic products to maintain qualitative healthy life. BIZB9 has deep domain expertise in research and development of highly effective health care supplements, personal care products and Ayurvedic Skin care products. Company’s registered office is in Delhi, and other units in Haryana. The products they deal and trade have global reach and running successfully in USA, UK, Middle-East,



Aarogyam Shakti was formed by the youngest Indian Yogi known as "JagadGuru Shri Shri Santoshi Baba" with a sole divine purpose of serving humankind. As per Hindu religion, "Ayurveda", has a lot more to offer than just the knowledge about Mother Nature. We say this holy text consist an answer for all generic to chronic ailments without any adverse reaction. We at AarogyamShakti, have developed 100% organic herbal products by imbibing the knowledge and process of being used by ancient Rishi's in India. We wish to empower our vision of spreading the awareness about the self-healing and curing properties through ancient recipes used in Ayurveda to cure patients by Rishi / Munis since ages.

Aarogyam Shakti - Brand name of Aarogyam Shakti Pharmaceuticals (P) LTD and Managed by Huife TwoBros Pvt Ltd.

ऋषि मुनियों की खोज - स्वदेशी सोच

We at Aarogyamshakti, have developed 100% organic herbal products by imbibing the knowledge and process of being used by ancient Rishi's in India. An effort to enable our own Ayurveda by promoting Ancient recipes used in Ayurveda to cure patients by Rishi / Munis since ages.

We intend to proffer "Made In Bharat" Ayurveda products with the unsurpassed quality to make sure, these Organically manufactured with 100% good health, should reach to each one who is suffering from any physiological imbalance due to disease such as Diabetes or Blood pressure.

We have acquired quality certificates from Health Ministry "AYUSH" for our Vedshala (laboratories) as well as for our products. Family of Aarogyam Shakti is working rigorously to make these herbal products available to everyone at their comfort. Thus we are channelizing through Retail, Online and Wholesale market. As we understand the criticality of time, hence our e-store shall be providing you all the products at your door-step at your comfort.

We welcome all our distributors and channel partners to create a one big Aarogyam Family. The goodness of natural hand-picked herbs and prepared in India shall boost your health and keep each and every person away from all types of ailments. Let’s prepare our body today to fight any infection, which may harm us in many known or unknown ways.

Our team of experts is leaving no stone unturned, right from the preparing to process under the strict supervision of “JagadGuru Shri Shri Santoshi Baba", which leaves us with only to excel in what we deliver to our growing healthy Family across the Globe.