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Garlic Capsule

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Garlic is a plant  and flat like grass. The bulb (the only part eaten) is of a compound nature, known technically as 'cloves,' grouped together between the membrane scales and enclosed within a whitish skin, which holds them as in a sac. The flowers are placed at the end of a stalk rising direct from the bulb and are whitish, grouped together in a globular head, or umbel, with an enclosing kind of  leaf  or  and among them are small bulbils. To prevent the plant running to leaf, Pliny has advised bending the stalk downward and covering it with earth, seeding, he observed, may be prevented by twisting the stalk. Garlic, apart from medicinal purposes, is seldom used except as a seasoning, but in the southern counties of Europe it is a common ingredient in dishes, and is largely consumed by the agricultural population. From the earliest times, indeed, Garlic been used as an article of diet.

·       Eases cold and cough

·       Reduces hypertension

·       Lowers cholesterol levels

·       Heals heavy metal poisoning

·       Heals wound

·       Bone health

·       Boosts digestion

·       Boosts immunity

·       Eye care

·       Prevents acne

·       Reduces the symptoms of asthma, increasing libido, and hair loss, among others.

Directions: As a dietry supplements for adults, take two (2) soft gel capsules daily preferably with meal or as directed by healthcare practitioner.